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Announcing A Major New NetAcquire Software Version for All NetAcquire Systems

New Serial Configuration GUI
(Click to see larger image)

NetAcquire has released a major new version of NetAcquire software Version 7. NetAcquire v7 software has been in development for over 2 years and now includes over 110 new features.

These new capabilities include:
End-to-end Web access security using https encryption
Network-efficient, simultaneous IP multicast transfers to multiple units
Powerful new serial configuration GUI with immediate confirmation of setup changes
More convenient data publishing and display
Online system manuals with one-click Web access
Additional real-time processing and recording features
Advanced metadata (e.g., highly accurate time tags kept together with data packets)
Latest Java support within Web browsers
Toolkit support for user customizations using .NET and newer compilers

NetAcquire v7 is available for all NetAcquire hardware systems as a convenient field-applied software upgrade. To receive a complete list of the new product capabilities available in NetAcquire Version 7, please send an email to

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