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NetAcquire Training

Learn how to get the most out of your NetAcquire system by attending one of our 3-day training courses.

NetAcquire System User Training

This course serves to benefit both the novice and the experienced NetAcquire user, covering the broad range of NetAcquire product capabilities. The first day, you’ll actually log into a NetAcquire system and learn Server Operations and Troubleshooting. Topics for the second day include Time Subjects, Data Flow, Recorder, MissionView, Bit Error Rate Tester, and System Configuration Techniques. You will spend the third day diving into Advanced Data Flow operations. You will be provided with an Introduction to Programming Toolkits and plenty of hands-on exercises.

No prerequisites are required for this system training course. This course is presented twice per year (usually June and November).

NetAcquire Software Development Toolkit Training

Attend the follow-on Toolkit Users Training and learn:

This course is designed for the programmer who utilizes or would like to utilize NetAcquire’s open architecture software development toolkits to support various platforms, languages, and frameworks. Training will cover custom client applications for real-time data display, advanced control, and monitoring. Also covered will be extensions that execute in real time on the NetAcquire server that support server-side processing and data distribution. NetAcquire Software Development Toolkits include the Windows Client Toolkit, the Java Client Toolkit, and the Server Extension Toolkit. These presentation topics will be fine tuned with student experience levels in mind. Students should have familiarity with using a NetAcquire system and should have experience writing software in C, C++, Java, or .NET.

This course is presented once per year with an optional second yearly session based on demand. training room

Upcoming Training Dates
Sep 19-21, 2017 - Software Development Toolkit Training (for software engineers)
Dec 5-7, 2017 - NetAcquire System User Training

If you would like more information about future training and topics covered, please contact us.

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