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Range and Radar Applications

NetAcquire systems have many range and radar data processing applications, with active deployments on many U.S. ranges. Examples include:

  • Correlating Source Selector - automatically selects the best telemetry input source from multiple telemetry antennas on a range
  • eRNI screenshot

    Radar Interface for TSPI Processing
    (Click to see larger image)

    Radar Gateways - acquire radar data from a variety of legacy interfaces and make real-time data available over networks that range from modems over existing leased lines to high-performance Ethernet, wireless, and fiber optic interconnects
  • Radar Slaving and Control - direct next-generation hardware interface to existing radar pedestals including real-time servo, synchro, and encoder interface, data transformations, and network input/output
  • Sensor Fusion - sensor selection, filtering, and correlation
  • Data Flow Processing - provides a convenient and efficient way to reformat data from a wide variety of different range radars for tracking and range safety purposes
  • Range Safety - guaranteed real-time performance of NetAcquire systems provides timely data processing/analysis for manual and automated range safety decisions
  • Wide-Area Mux/Demux - transfer data signals over T-1, T-3, ATM, or Ethernet from remote equipment locations
  • In-Flight Disconnect and Launch Readiness - umbilical interfaces provide pre-launch visibility into critical system functions
  • Avionics data acquisition - support for avionics buses including MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, CAN Bus, and IEEE-1394 allows acquisition and analysis of plane or missile data either before or during flight
  • Air Traffic Control - acquire radar and GPS Time Space Position Information (TSPI) and perform 3 dimensional visualization.
  • FI 2010 TENA - NetAcquire systems include a built-in real-time CORBA server to support this important new DoD-mandated standard for distributed object interfaces to range equipment.

Please contact NetAcquire sales for more information about range and radar applications.

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