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NetAcquire Embedded Web Server

NetAcquire Server Web Page
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The NetAcquire embedded web server provides convenient configuration and monitoring of real-time applications from anywhere on the network via web browser. If the network is Internet-connected, configuration and monitoring are available worldwide.

Communication uses modern web technologies and Java for maximum compatibility with all Internet tools. Any number of browsers can simultaneously interact with a NetAcquire system.


  • User authentication ensures proper access to system.
  • Web security via HTTPS, with encrytped CORBA for real-time data comunications.
  • Configuration via feature-specific pages.
  • Real-time display of data and status information.
  • On-page help for all configuration pages.
  • All User Manuals available on server and viewable via browser.
Dataflow Configuration Dynamic Status Server System Information
Dataflow Configuration Dynamic Status Configuration Server System Information
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