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NetAcquire Embedded Web Server

The NetAcquire embedded Web Server allows convenient configuration and monitoring of real-time applications from anywhere on the network using a Web browser. If the network is Internet-connected, configuration and monitoring are available worldwide.

Communication uses standard HTTP, HTML, and Java for maximum compatibility with all Internet tools. Any number of browser machine can simultaneously interact with a NetAcquire system.

The NetAcquire Web-based user interface keeps automatically keeps the critical real-time processing on the NetAcquire server and the graphical operator interface on one or more desktop machines.


  • Presents NetAcquire system on a network as both a Web and an FTP server
  • Configure applications using simple "fill-in-the-blank" HTML forms
  • Real-time display of incoming data and status information
  • Live screen updates using embedded Java applets
  • Built-in file system for storing HTML documents and Java applets
  • Supports any computer able to access the World Wide Web/Internet, regardless of machine type and operating system
  • Web server stores Java JAR files and maintains Java applet security model
  • On-line HTML help for all configuration forms
  • Compatible with Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.

Server Configuration

Server Status

Software Update

Dynamic Status

NetAcquire Server Configuration Screen

NetAcquire Server Status Screen

NetAcquire Software Update Screen

Dynamic Status

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