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Fast Processing

The ability to process large quantities of incoming data is critical in high-speed applications to avoid overwhelming other computers or storage devices in a system. NetAcquire CPUs are available with processing speeds up to a billion operations per second for data-intensive applications. Furthermore, configuration are available with large number of parallel processor cores (up to 24 simultaneous cores) for extremely high-performance applications.

High-speed processing allows:

  • scanning for trigger events and sending only interesting data to the network
  • improving data quality by performing real-time averaging or digital filtering

  • numerically intensive data pre-processing on the NetAcquire processor to avoid overloading processors of receiving machines
  • frame syncing, forward error correction, and decommutation operations on high speed PCM data.

Different NetAcquire models offer different categories of predefined data processing algorithms. For example, an analog NetAcquire AIO 3000 offers fast-Fourier transfer (FFT) processing for converting incoming signals into frequency components. A serial NetAcquire SIO offers optional decommutation for breaking incoming serial data packets into individual data fields and performing engineering units conversion. 

With the NetAcquire Data Flow option, advanced real-time processing can be configured without programming. In addition, user-supplied algorithms that perform custom processing can be installed into NetAcquire systems with the NetAcquire Extension Toolkit.

Low Latency

High throughput data processing throughput is different from low latency data processing, and NetAcquire systems offer both.

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