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NetAcquire systems offer a modular, configurable architecture for input/output interfaces. Each hardware interface is combined with an object-oriented software driver that provides a standardized connection to other NetAcquire components. All NetAcquire functions "wrap-around" each hardware input/output interface to provide seamless integration of features like network access, data routing, archiving, data display, and remote administration. 

The hardware and software components of each NetAcquire input/output interface provide both input data streams and output data streams. A NetAcquire system can intelligently bridge different data streams and supply real-time data conversion and routing. In addition, all NetAcquire data can be conveniently published to a network using NetAcquire Publish/Subscribe. 


  • Mix-and-match data routing architecture without custom software
  • Real-time processing support with configurable data buffering, flow control, and error handling
  • Serial input/output interface support, including RS-422/485/530, RS-232, TTL, ECL, with data, optional clock, clock recovery, and bit synchronization
  • Analog input/output interfaces support, including voltage, current, resistance, pulse, and temperature 
  • Digital input/output interface support, including TTL, closure detect, high-voltage, line-voltage, differential and threshold detect
  • Network interfaces include 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, wireless, fiber-optic, dial-up, and low-latency reflective memory
  • Custom interfaces are available including MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, CAN Bus, ATM, FireWire (IEEE-1394), Fibre Channel, USB, field-programmable gate array designs (FPGA), TAXI, and HOTLink

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