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NetAcquire CCSDS Processing

The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) is an international consensus organization of space agencies that has developed standards for space-based telemetry data handling.

The NetAcquire "data-flow" architecture is ideal for CCSDS data processing; NetAcquire CCSDS supports the CCSDS Advanced Orbiting Systems, Networks and Data Links specification, and also the older CCSDS Packet Telemetry standard. These standards provide for advanced error checking/correction, standardized telemetry frame formats, "virtual" data channels of different rates on a single physical channel, and support for both packet and stream communications.

NetAcquire systems support sophisticated CCSDS processing in both directions (downlink demultiplexing and uplink multiplexing). CCSDS multiplexing can also be used to create sophisticated CCSDS simulators.

CCSDS Configuration Screen Shot

CCSDS Configuration

[Click to see larger image]

NetAcquire CCSDS features include:

  • NRZ or Biphase inputs and outputs
  • Reed Solomon decoding/encoding of (255,223) 8-bit and (10,6) 4-bit blocks
  • virtual channel support (all 64 channels supported)
  • packet channel support (all 2048 channels supported)
  • flexible virtual channel and/or packet channel network communications
  • fill packet support with auto-generation of fill
  • full statistics collection including recoverable and unrecoverable bit error statistics.

As an added feature, the NetAcquire CCSDS option supports decommutation of individual measurements that are contained in the received data packets.  Decommutation is supported both at the Virtual channel and Packet channel levels. Decommutation is fully integrated and includes many advanced features.

CCSDS Reformatting and Multiplexing

Network clients may read any combination of raw CCSDS data, virtual channel data, packet channel data, or decommutated measurement data. These streams can be multiplexed together into Virtual Channels.  The Virtual Channels in turn can be multiplexed into CADU streams.  Thus, the NetAcquire server can take any set of multiple data streams and combine them into CCSDS compliant data streams. 

By using the demultiplexing function and the multiplexing function together, the NetAcquire Server can act as total reformatter of the CCSDS data stream.  This allows you to reformat one CCSDS data stream into another CCSDS stream and either add, delete, and/or reprocess individual fields or whole streams.

NetAcquire CCSDS also supports generation of CCSDS simulation data. This simulated CCSDS data stream may be routed from the NetAcquire serial output channel to external equipment, or may be looped back into the NetAcquire system for system validation.

NetAcquire CCSDS is fully compatible with the NetAcquire Java Toolkit and the NetAcquire Windows Client Toolkit for real-time data display and archiving.

NetAcquire Data Flow Designer Screenshot

Java Telemetry Map Editor

NetAcquire  Dynamic Status Monitor Screenshot
Using CCSDS with Graphic Data Flow CCSDS Decommutation CCSDS Error Status

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